Dr. Fontaine and his team are actively looking for like minded healthcare providers who are passionate about working with an active population. 

If you believe patients have a right to be treated in their best interest, not based on what an insurance carrier or third party payer bureaucrat deems “medically necessary”. If you are passionate about ensuring your patients receive the highest quality of care possible.  If you believe our current healthcare system is broken, but there is a better way to take care of patients, then reach out to us….So do we.  That is what we are about and we would love to meet you.


About Potomac Physical Medicine

Potomac Physical Medicine is a sports medicine chiropractic clinic located in Northern Virginia. We pride ourselves in our integrative approach to treating patients with orthopedic & sports related musculoskeletal injuries. We have an established, wide-ranging patient base comprised of sports injury related active care and performance based patient care. 

Potomac Physical Medicine Group delivers superior, solution-driven care for our patients with confidence, clarity and professionalism.  We leverage collaborative and integrative treatments with other medical specialties when necessary to ensure our patients are not only stronger and healthier, but have a solid future roadmap that delivers long-term health and well-being.  At Potomac Physical Medicine Group, our number one focus is helping our patients stay free from pain while achieving their physical and professional goals.

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Reports to:  Clinic Director, Practice Operations Manager, Partner Providers, Board of Advisors

Position Purpose:    Support the needs of a busy multi-faceted Behavior Health Practice office to service existing Practitioner’s, Doctors, vendors and patients.  Position reports Dr./Owner of the Center

Basic Duties:

  1. Patient service functions:
    1. Set up and maintain provider, and provider client, appointments
    2. Accurately call in any patient referrals.
    3. Respond to customer inquiries with superior service and respect.
    4. Effectively handle all incoming work from all staff, practitioners and vendors.
  2. Billing/ Insurance:
    1. Accurately perform all electronic billing functions
    2. Accurately perform all insurance billing functions and resolve issues effectively
    3. Assist with QuickBooks bookkeeping functions
    4. Communicate with Insurance for proper benefit verification & billing
    5. Assist with metrics reports and reconciliation reporting functions as directed
  3. Administration functions:
    1. Medical records management, keep office area clean and tidy
    2. Create and send correspondence for Doctors and Practitioner’s as directed
    3. Solid computers skills (MS products, e-mail, billing and medical systems, etc.)
    4. Provide other administrative/clinical support as needed
    5. Ensure all procedures for the position are documented

The three most vital pillars to our success are:

  1. Creating and nurturing a positive energy atmosphere in the office. Our patients are coming to us and to our clinic as a place of healing.  We must provide a friendly, professional, positive atmosphere and treat them like family.  You are the face of our practice.
  2. Stay two steps ahead of the providers and patients…..ANTICIPATE NEXT STEPS
  3. TEAMWORK… We expect transparency and open communication with patients and with our team.

Non-Technical Skills

  1. Be accountable, professional and responsible for all actions.
  2. Exhibit effective verbal/written communications with all customers and personnel
  3. Exhibit good decision making with attention to detail.
  4. Take initiative and work independently with little or no supervision
  5. Confidentiality of sensitive information is critical.


One year college preferred.


2 years medical office experience required
1+ year billing/medical software experience required
Some scheduling experience preferred


Shifts vary between 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM, M – F


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